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Driven or Called: What Type of Leader Do You Want to Be?

Driven or Called: What Type of Leader Do You Want to Be?

As an executive coach, I’m often asked about different leadership styles. Power and influence are two common leadership traits. When used properly, these qualities drive effective leaders to be assertive, confident, and capable. However, the way power and influence are used define two very different styles of leadership. As you read about these two styles of […]

5 Secrets Great Leaders Know about Difficult Decisions

5 Secrets Great Leaders Know about Difficult Decisions

Decision-making is key to leadership. Great leaders know that, especially when it comes to making difficult decisions. As a leader, you may face a daunting choice and need help working through the decision making process. Preparing to Make Difficult Decisions Great leaders know that difficult decisions carry consequences with them. To prepare, these leaders review […]

Leadership: Top 10 Vision-Killers

In an organization, leadership matters when casting a vision and implementing it. If you’re a leader, avoid these 10 vision-killers to help bring make your vision for the organization a reality. Cluelessness – The leaders in charge don’t have a clue what vision is or how to cast it. Fear – Vision has risk to […]

Make Time to be Accountable

I have a good friend that is extremely successful in his career. He’s one of the most sought after speakers and writers in the world in his particular field. He has enjoyed a high level of success and national recognition even at a young age in his mid-twenties. Yet along with the accomplishments, he experienced […]

From Hero to Zero

It may take a lifetime to build a great reputation and a track record of success and accomplishment but it only takes a nanosecond to lose it all if you’re not careful with integrity issues. By integrity issues, I mean simply doing what’s right. Consider Coach Joe Paterno’s story. Here was someone who had a […]