The 5 Gauges

  • execcare_emotional_iconEmotional – Your emotional gauge is simply enjoying life! Its the things you did before you got so stressed out with responsibility. For some it’s sailing…for others it’s getting their hands dirty in some garden soil. For others it’s playing or watching sports. It’s what you do to laugh and relax and balance your life out.
  • execcare_relational_iconRelational – This gauge is all about healthy relationships. Especially your spouse or significant other. Your relationship with your children or boss or other people at work. It could involve neighbors or a good friend or even in-laws. This gauge monitors keeping these relationships as healthy as they can be.
  • execcare_mental_iconMental – This gauge monitors how much is packed into your thought life. Are you constantly worried about something that it has you running the same tapes over and over again in your mind? A key indication that this gauge is low is when you can’t sleep at night. You wake up trying to solve problems instead of getting the rest you need.
  • execcare_physical_iconPhysical – This gauge monitors very practical areas. Am I eating a healthy diet? How’s my exercise routine doing? Am I running at a pace that is sustainable? Is there enough margin in my life for recovery both daily and weekly? Am I taking proper breaks and vacations? Am I involved in habits or addictions that are destructive to maintain healthy and confident leadership?
  • execcare_spiritual_iconSpiritual – This, of course, is your devotional life. What is my relationship with God like? Do I even have a faith? Is my belief system being lived out on a day-to-day basis? Who are the spiritual mentors in my life?