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Focus on real-life issues, not just leadership

Any issue can be on the table. Dr. Epsicopo’s years of executive mentoring combined with his extensive pastoral experience means that he has dealt with a broad spectrum of issues. He is comfortable in both career coaching/leadership development and spiritual life mentoring.

The Five Gauges

5 gauges are a starting point – A guide for every session. There is no set topic to discuss. We always check in on how you are doing in each of the five focus areas. Each one of the gauges is critical for a balanced life, and we believe that the strongest leaders are continually striving for balance.

We focus on the physical, emotional, spiritual, relational and mental because these gauges allow us to cover every area of your professional and personal life. As people, we are all a little flawed. We all have our own struggles and challenges. A particular area that is difficult for us. Without careful attention, it is easy for one area to become neglected. That is why these five areas need to be continually monitored for a happy, balanced life.

Over time, almost every conceivable area of life becomes a discussion point using our five-gauge focus. Sometimes, executives feel they are so busy that they don’t really have activity in all five areas. But we have found that it is generally the gauge that is turned off or not in use that put leaders in jeopardy.