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Become the best you.

Because your leadership and your life don’t end when you leave the office, our coaching doesn’t either. When you work with an ExecCare coach, everything is on the table. We focus on real-life issues in a wide range of area. Experience has taught us that our success in life is defined by more than success in the boardroom.

Executive coaching covering every area of your life.

When we meet, we’ll use our five gauges to check in on every aspect of life: physical, emotional, spiritual, relational and mental components to your life. Our goal is to help you experience wins in all of them.

ExecCare is more than executive leadership training. It is more than personal mentoring or life coaching, and it is more than spiritual counseling. It is all three. This approach helps maximize both your effectiveness and enjoyment of life.

To address the five areas of life, we offer three services rolled into one. Working with us involves:

  • Mentoring We all need a mentor in life. Mentoring conversations provide space to reflect on both opportunities and challenges, discuss life’s developments and grow with someone we know and trust. At ExecCare, our approach to mentoring doesn’t stop with workplace questions or business decisions. Our approach is holistic, encompassing personal, spiritual and career topics.
  • Counseling Sometimes life gets a little bumpy. You encounter problems that don’t have easy answers. It happens to everyone. Even the most successful and career-driven individuals come face-to-face with issues, and need counsel on what to do and how to proceed. With experience as a corporate leader, senior pastor and father, Dennis Episcopo draws on personal and professional experience to counsel executives on a wide range of issues.
  • Coaching This aspect of our program is the most proactive teaching we do.  Through coaching, we can work with you to separate life’s real issues from the symptoms, getting to the root cause of the things preventing you from being your best self. With our coaching approach, you’ll build confidence in your decision-making in all aspects of your life.

At ExecCare, our purpose is to walk beside you in leadership and in life, helping you become your best self, beyond the boardroom.