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Even the best golfers have swing coaches.

We believe that today’s leaders need honest, helpful feedback. We understand that high-level, executive leaders are smart, intuitive and successful. You already understand most of your current opportunities and challenges. It’s our job to help provide clarity and feedback in the areas of life that seem gray or to listen and provide counsel on issues too sensitive to discuss with your team or family. We approach personal and executive coaching as a comfortable and confidential space for leaders to discuss issues they are facing at home and in the office.

Personal and Executive Coaching – Built for Real Life

Today’s leaders have a lot on their plates. At ExecCare, we know that you don’t have time for anything that isn’t results-driven and applicable to your life. You won’t find cookie-cutter coaching or endless leadership role-play exercises here. Our approach to leadership development training and executive coaching is balance for your whole life. That’s why each executive coaching session serves as a check-in on life’s five gauges:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Relational
  • Mental

Just as world-class golfers must work on all aspects of their game, leaders, too, must give proper attention to all aspects of their lives. If any of life’s gauges is running on empty, a leader cannot be at his or her best. By structuring sessions around these five gauges, ExecCare coaching sessions can focus on the issues that will help leaders bring balance to all aspects of life.  We’ll hold you accountable to forward progress. You can also expect direct, honest feedback on anything you bring to the table. Your long-term and balanced success is always our goal.

What to Expect

In one-on-one, face-to-face coaching sessions, leaders can expect to discuss the issues they find most pressing. You’ll set the agenda, providing updates on each aspect of life. In a typical session, a leader will focus on one or two key issues, describing what’s happening and discussing options for resolving the issue. An ExecCare coach will guide the conversation, asking tough questions and providing honest feedback to help you move forward.

What makes ExecCare right for you?

We’ll look at our shared values. Together, we’ll assess whether we can build an honest, open relationship. We’ll establish agreement on the objectives, measurements and value-added benefits you’re looking for from an executive coach. Through the course of these conversations, we’ll determine whether ExecCare is the right fit for you.