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Successful and Fulfilled

For C-suite executives and senior business leaders, focus is essential to both setting and achieving goals. But, whether you lead a fifth generation family business or an always-on, global enterprise, countless priorities compete for your attention. The resulting scarcity of time can make regret a genuine risk, as business needs are juggled against family time and professional demands challenge health, wellness and spirituality.

At ExecCare, we recognize the challenges C-suite executives and senior business leaders face. That’s why we crafted our executive coaching methodology to help business leaders like you achieve and maintain emotional, relational, mental, physical and spiritual success. Our goal: Help you maintain your focus on building a successful and fulfilling life.

Why ExecCare?

Our executive coaching program is different than most. We are focused on more than just your career. We are focused on you, the leader, as a whole. At ExecCare, we believe that the most successful leaders are always striving for balance professionally, personally and spiritually. With four decades of leadership coaching experience, an ExecCare coach understands the competing priorities senior leaders face. To help you meet those priorities head on, Dennis Episcopo draws on his diverse experience – as a corporate manager, husband, father and spiritual leader – to ask questions, probe situations, help you reflect and gain new insights. Nothing is off the table here. That’s why current coaching clients say their ExecCare time is some of the most productive time they spend each week.

ExecCare Benefits

Before we begin working with you, we’ll identify the value you want to receive from your ExecCare coaching sessions and we’ll structure each session to help you achieve your objectives. Commonly cited benefits include:

  • An external perspective to help you gain fresh insights
  • High level of accountability for helping keep priorities balanced
  • Trusting relationship where anything can be shared
  • Knowledge that all coaching sessions are strictly confidence

When maintaining your edge by balancing your life is important to you, ExecCare can help. If you are interested in executive-level Coaching, contact ExecCare. We’ll schedule a complimentary consultation. In it, we’ll discuss your goals, priorities and any challenges you face. This initial coaching session is complimentary and will help us determine whether an ExecCare coach can help you find the focus you need to succeed.