Leadership Coaching: Strategic Planning Process How-To Guide

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Nothing truly great ever happened without hard work and lots of planning. And thorough preparation is indicative of strong leadership. If you’re hung up with your corporate strategic planning process, here are eight things to get it going again.

  1. Always begin with assessment. – Define reality! Figure out where you and your organization are. Be honest about this. If you don’t know what your current situation is and where you’ve been, you can’t start on your journey.
  1. Decide on your core vision and core values first. – Focus on what’s most important to your organization. All other aspects of your corporate strategic planning must support your vision and values.
  1. Alignment, Alignment, Alignment! – Make sure all departments align with and connect to the central vision. This focus keeps everyone working together toward the same goals.
  1. Set measurable goals and strategies to meet those goals. – Create goals that are attainable. Make them challenging, but able to be met with focused strategies.
  1. Keep goals in front of you and your team. – The old adage is “out of sight, out of mind.” Make them a priority in the work you do every day.
  1. Measure progress. – Are you looking for qualitative results? Or quantitative? Measure the right things, and ensure you’re measuring them the way that most accurately tells the story.
  1. Analyze and tweak for changing conditions. – The first stages of your strategic planning process make a best guess at desired outcomes, based on your current situation. But things change, and you must be able to learn, adapt, and grow.
  1. Celebrate wins together and say, “Thank You.” – Recognition is one of the keys to improving job satisfaction. When your team has success, stand up and let them know the importance of their contributions.

What are your corporate strategic planning success stories? What things didn’t work? I invite you to share your story in the comments below so we can learn from each other.

–       Dennis

PS. If you need help guiding your company’s strategic planning sessions, develop your skills with leadership coaching sessions.

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