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For Rising Leaders and Future C-Suite Executives

You’ve got your career and life goals all lined up. You know what steps you have to take to get there. At ExecCare, we get that. You’ve worked hard to put yourself on the path to professional success, fine tuning your management and leadership skills while making a difference in your organization. Yet, through it all, you’ve witnessed others experience success in business, but not in life. You want to chart a different course, building both a successful and fulfilling life.

Why ExecCare?

Personal and career coaching with ExecCare’s executive coaching program can give you the edge with integrity. We’ll help you reach your goals while avoiding the land mines of life – the decisions that wreak havoc on your family, your health, your personal life or your career.

Consider ExecCare your secret weapon. You’ve got your growth plan outlined and we can vet it for optimum effectiveness and efficiency. With monthly ExecCare coaching sessions, we can navigate through important life and career decisions together. ExecCare’s personal and career mentoring challenges you to achieve continued leadership growth in all aspects of life. It is a scheduled time to check the status of your five leadership gauges: physical, emotional, spiritual, relational and mental. If one or more aspects of life needs attention, ExecCare coaching sessions provide an opportunity to talk openly and freely with a trusted advisor about the situation to gain new insights and develop a plan to achieve balance. ExecCare coaching can be particularly valuable to rising leaders and future C-suite executives who seek guidance in reflecting and growing as they navigate career and life decisions.

ExecCare Benefits

Our current clients often bring a list of things they are tackling in life and at the office, and we discuss their game plan. We know that every situation and every experience is unique. Sometimes we provide suggestions for how to handle a sticky situation. Other times, we provide affirmation that your tactics are spot on.

Among the commonly cited benefits of working with an ExecCare coach:

  • Customized leadership coaching – focused on holistic growth
  • Authentic insight into the challenges leaders are facing
  • Questions that will give you a fresh perspective on issues and opportunities
  • Access to a trusted advisor who maintains strict confidentiality
  • Encouragement and accountability for goals set

Whether you have your eye on a senior leadership position or you hope to someday be named CEO, find balanced success with ExecCare leadership coaching. Want to learn more? Contact us to set up a complimentary consultation. In it, we’ll discuss your objectives and the value you hope to gain from your ExecCare coach, ultimately helping us decide whether ExecCare is the right fit for you.