Leadership: Top 10 Vision-Killers

In an organization, leadership matters when casting a vision and implementing it.

If you’re a leader, avoid these 10 vision-killers to help bring make your vision for the organization a reality.

  1. Cluelessness – The leaders in charge don’t have a clue what vision is or how to cast it.
  2. Fear – Vision has risk to it. There can be a fear of failure.
  3. Fatigue/Discouragement – The obstacles to vision are many and it’s very common for fatigue and discouragement to set in.
  4. Absence of Accountability – No one is measuring progress or holding people accountable for results.
  5. Impatience – The process in a large-sized vision requires time and patience.
  6. Ego or Pride – The single greatest challenge in a leader’s life is himself/herself.
  7. Ignoring Values – It’s not just about delivering the numbers… it’s living out the values.
  8. Inappropriate Organizational Structure – Growth can be bottlenecked at the top if the right organizational structure is not in place.
  9. Vision Becomes Outdated – Peter Drucker has said, “The greatest danger to a new organization is a lack of management. The greatest danger to an existing organization is a lack of innovation.”
  10. Obstacles Beyond Your Control – Often, there are market conditions that bring about obstacles for which you simply cannot plan, or that you can control.

Leadership requires us to avoid these vision-killers. When we do, it increases our chances for success.

What other vision-killers have you seen? I’d love to hear from you. Add them to the comments below.


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