Make Time to be Accountable

I have a good friend that is extremely successful in his career. He’s one of the most sought after speakers and writers in the world in his particular field. He has enjoyed a high level of success and national recognition even at a young age in his mid-twenties. Yet along with the accomplishments, he experienced a moral failure that almost jeopardized all of it.

One of the most interesting lessons he has learned from that experience was the need for personal accountability. He shared this with me: “I had lots of friends at the time, but no one close enough that I could share my struggles and temptations with. There is no question in my mind that if I had made time to spend with someone that I felt could trust and hold me accountable, I would not have made that mistake.”

Do you have someone that you can confide in on a consistent basis, discussing any area of your life? It could save you from something that could sidetrack your family life or career. Making that kind of time investment could be the key to a successful journey.

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